Using ACL Data Analytic for Data Analysis & Income Assurance

ACL Data Analytic Basic to Intermediate Training provides a comphensive way to understanding data analytics


This course is a comprehensive tutorial on Audit Command Language (ACL) Data Analytics, designed for users who want to learn the functionalities and usage of Audit Command Language (ACL). Through this thorough tutorial and practice exercises, you will learn how to effectively use Audit Command Language (ACL) to accomplish your audit and/or business objectives. Key topics include:

• Detect gaps and control failures

• Discover duplicates in inconsistent data and duplicates that are similar but not exact

• Access and reconcile data from various systems in order to identify potential issues

• Identify outliers and anomalies in transactional data

• Combine data from multiple source types in order to make comparisons between them

• Aggregate data to identify trends and exceptions

• Compare files to identify changes between two points in time

• Calculate elapsed times and isolate those outside bounds

• How to identify ghost workers and identify payroll fraud.

Auditors, Data analysts and Financial professionals who want to take their analytics to the next level need to take this course as this has been designed to practically teach students how to apply this training to practical industry use.  ACL users or potential users can take this course as this has been designed to meet all user needs.

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