Unlock Your Real SuperPowers – 5 Natural Faculties of Mind

Mastering Intent, Intuition, Subtle Energy, Resonance, and Meditation


What’s the #1 quest in life? Mastery.

In a whirlwind of crazy mixed up rampant change, the one grounding force is YOU. … that is, when your mind becomes your new BFF.

In this course you Unlock Your Real SuperPowers and Make Your Mind Your Friend by mastering the 5 Natural Faculties of Mind that are essential to creating the results we desire.

– Intent, Intuition, Subtle Energy, Resonance, and Meditation are not yet taught in traditional education, yet are vital to living a masterful life.

-This course teaches you a clear and precise understanding of these natural-born “superpowers” so you activate them in yourself. You learn to use them in daily life and you live them spontaneously, with ease.

-Through real-life examples, stories, and awareness practices, creator of QuantumThink®, Dianne Collins distinguishes the specific qualities and functions of each of the 5 faculties of mind and how they work together.

– In these dramatically changing, uncertain times people are dealing with more stress factors than ever. Mastering our 5 Natural Faculties of Mind is key to peace, equanimity, and happiness. Centered, confident, and self-aware. These are states of mind we all want.

– There are two key aspects of this. One is keeping your vibrational frequency more refined, lighter, higher, clearer.
The other is actually conditioning uplifting, positive and productive habits of thinking.

The intent of this course is for you to:

  • Establish mindfulness as a natural, integrated way of life.

  • Tap into your inherent genius to create inner states of calm and connectedness, generate high quality relationships, and achieve outer world accomplishments with grace and fulfillment.

  • Break free of limiting thoughts and authentically experience being in command of your destiny — focused and confident, peaceful and happy.

  • Develop the state of being centered in awakened awareness. This is the state that great wisdom masters achieved, and the state from which all great accomplishment derives. This is the state of freedom and choice.

What’s unique about this course is that it’s infused with the QuantumThink® method.

– Dianne Collins’ revelation, QuantumThink®, is a system of thinking that blends quantum principles, universal wisdom,  metaphysical insight and modern logic into practicality we can live daily. 

Unlock Your Real SuperPowers includes the spirit of the QuantumThink principles and practices that leap us to the expanded and more up-to-date perspective of our Quantum Age — a digital world of interconnectedness and unity, multi-dimensions, and energy-intelligence, and magical quantum fields.

Wisdom expressed in its simplest form has the power to inform, transform and entertain!

– Dianne Collins, known for having people experience inspiring, expansive transformations, entertainingly guides you to the greatest adventure of all – to the state of mastery and excellence that resides in you.

– Dianne calls it “the ultimate selfie” because: It’s You becoming the Superhero of your own life.

When you master your mind, you master your life.

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