【Bilingual Subtitle】流量掘金 | 如何取得並利用短影片、線下門市流量與人群裂變,進軍中國大陸商業市場

如何利用短影片開始一門生意? 如何把握好門市流量紅火生意? 如何玩社群裂變發展生意?


這是一門雙語課程! 由中文授課,包含簡體中文和英文字幕! !

老闆們應該都有感受,這年賺錢越來越難了。 好不容易做出產品,沒人買,賺不到錢;稍微賣的好一點吧,立刻有好多對手擠進來,搶了客戶,又沒人買了,仍然賺不到錢。

現在的生意就是人的生意,有人賣啥都能成,沒人賣啥都不成。 但是為啥人家就能找到人,你就找不到人呢?

有的老闆就說了,我懂啊,人不就是流量嗎,現在就是流量為王的時代。 但咱真的找到流量了嗎? 真的用好咱手上的流量了嗎?

Bosses must all feel that it is getting harder and harder to make money this year. It’s hard to make a product, no one buys it, and you can’t make any money; if you sell it a little better, many competitors will immediately come in and steal customers, no one will buy it again, and you still can’t make any money.

Today’s business is a people’s business. If we get customers, we will succeed. But if no customers, it will be hard to get success. However, why can others find people but you can’t?

Some bosses have said, I understand, aren’t people just traffic? Now is the era when traffic is king. But have we really found traffic? Have we really made good use of the traffic we have?

這時候,我們這門課可以為您一一解答。 我們的課程主要分為三個部分:天網、地網和人網

  • 天網教大家怎麼做好一場傳播,傳播你的產品,傳播你的價值,傳播你的服務

  • 地網教大家怎麼去做好門市的服務體驗,做差異化內容,做好線上流量的承接

  • 人網教大家怎麼做好用戶的運營,社群活動,顧客裂變等

At this time, our course can answer you one by one. Our courses are mainly divided into three parts: Digital-Net, Ground-Net and Human-Net.

  • Digital-Net teaches everyone how to do a good job of communication, spread your products, spread your value, spread your services. (builds a super platform, plays with new media, and seizes short video dividends – solves the “communication” problem)

  • Ground-Net teaches you how to improve store service experience, create differentiated content, and handle online traffic well. (store building, customer acquisition, ultimate service experience design – solving the “transaction” problem)

  • Human-Net teaches you how to do a good job in user operations, community activities, customer fission, etc. (user acquisition, content maintenance, product sales – solving the “repurchase” problem)




You may have tried short videos and are very familiar with some of the rules and a little unfamiliar with some of them. Then we very much welcome you to choose this course.

If you have experience in everything online and offline, then we also welcome you to give us effective suggestions.

If you are preparing to move towards omni-channel, then this course is suitable for you!

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