Think like a Learning Experience Designer

The A-Z framework that shows you EXACTLY how to design learning solutions.


What if I told you that you could tackle every learning design challenge that comes your way with confidence and a clear strategy of action?

Maybe you’re curious and want to scratch that each ‘Can I really operate like a learning designer and start solving real life business problems even with minimal on-the-job experience?”

Get an inside look of learning experience design…how it works, the processes, the artifacts and the not so straightforward gray area that comes with real life learning projects.

Maybe you’ve heard that a designer mindset is key for learning design professionals but you are not quite sure how to nurture it.

Maybe you are already working on training or educational type of projects but want to apply a more systemic approach that brings you more satisfaction and a clear line of sight of your impact on the organization and learners

Maybe you are asked to develop learning solutions in your role rather than create content, but you don’t have the time nor the tools to make that mindset shift and provide value to your team and organization?

Maybe you are transitioning professional, that has done all the nice and shiny homework “portfolio creation, interview prep, sample projects, learned the jargon and the theory..”

but you still don’t feel well equipped to tackle real life projects which is impacting your confidence and credibility with recruiters or potential clients.

Maybe you have already worked on learning, training & educational projects… but now you want to break free from a content production workflow and dive into what it’s like to design learning experiences that bring in human-centered design and design thinking to the heart of every project …

creating a mindset shift while finally allowing you to rebrand your pro-self and claim yourself as an LXD

No matter which category you fall into, there isn’t a better time to develop your learning designer workflow and mindset!

–  What’s Inside? 

Think like a Learning Designer helps you navigate the creation of learning solutions without overwhelm and gives you a process you can repeat for every other learning design project you tackle (be it the first of the tenth!)

This is the same process product designers use in other industries like software, food, technology, environment, physical products that actually make people’s lives easier while meeting their needs and solving their painpoints.

Think like a Learning Designer takes this breadth and depth of knowledge and practices and apply them to the world of learning ….

helping you craft and design learning solutions that not only meet the needs of your learners but also address the business/organizational goals driving your project.

Here’s a peek at what’s inside the program:

8 in-depth training modules (including templates, guides and workbooks for each phase task)

Walking you through the process and strategy of creating learning experiences and assets that impact learners and drive business results.

The modules are video-based, but you’ll also have access to the slides, transcripts, and audio together with tons of checklists and step-by-step worksheets that make it easy to follow-through.

  • How to understand, scope and define the learning design challenge/business problem at hand

  • How to make sure you are actually solving the RIGHT learner/business problem

  • How to build empathy with your learners along each big phase of your project

  • How to make sense of data you get about or from your learners (data analysis and synthesis)

  • How to ideate and generate solution ideas and FOCUS on the needle-moving ones

  • How to design lo-fidelity concepts of your learning solutions and high-fidelity prototypes

  • How to incorporate learner feedback, design testing and iteration on your learning solution to make it click with your learners and awe your project stakeholders

  • We will cover developing and deploying learning solutions and what that entails

  • The exact step by step design process of any learning solution

  • Learn key learning design principles and techniques that you can implement EVEN on content production oriented projects

  • Work with learning design artifacts like personas, storyboards, journey maps, lo-fi or hi-fi prototypes

  • Leverage a design toolkit of templates, and digital design and collaboration tools that facilitate your design process from start to finish.

DONE FOR YOU LXD Project Board with 10 templates that you can rinse and reuse for ANY learning design project making your workflow run like a well-oiled machine

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