The Ultimate HOME BOXING TRAINING Course – 50+ videos

Build your own workout from more than 12+ hours of boxing fitness training at home. For all levels. No equipment needed!


Do you want to achieve amazing fitness and get in great shape?

Do you to train at home and have little or no equipment?

Do you want a boxing program that is fun and easy to follow?

Do you want to customise your own training program from a selection of brilliant boxing videos?

Do you want to build your own workout as your fitness improves?

Do you want to be coached by a world-class boxing instructor?

Do you want to try Virtual Pad Work and Virtual Sparring (hint – you do!)?

Do you want 50+ videos and 12+ hours of the best boxing fitness training?

Do you want lifetime access so you can revisit the videos time and again?

Do you want to gift someone a boxing fitness course they will love?

Creator of the ‘highest rated’ boxing course on Udemy, award-winning England Boxing Coach, Matt Garcia, brings you his ‘Ultimate Home Boxing Training Course’, designed for all levels of fitness and boxing experience.

Totally customisable, this course is for anyone who wants to do boxing training at home with minimal or no equipment and get in amazing shape, build incredible fitness and have a lot of fun doing it!

Customise and Build Your Work-out

This course has everything you need for a solid home boxing work-out.

You can customise your training plan depending on how much time you have available, how your fitness is improving or whatever you are in the mood to do that day!

For example, one day you can do VIRTUAL PAD WORK and VIRTUAL SPARRING, and another day you could do a GET FIT NOT HIT, HIIB – HIIT Boxing or BOXINGYOGA class.

Or maybe you just wanted to loosen up with a 20-minute SHADOW BOXING routine. It’s totally up to you!

As your fitness improves you can customise and build your workout even more. Something like this for example:

1. Start by following the SHADOW BOXING routine to get you warmed-up, get loose and practise your technique

2. Continue with a few rounds of VIRTUAL PAD WORK to sharpen your skills and get a good sweat going

3. Follow-up that up with some VIRTUAL SPARRING – non-contact (of course) and a brilliant way to feel what it’s like to face off with a professional boxing coach

4. If you’re still feeling energised, why not try a boxing fitness class, such as GET FIT NOT HIT or HIIB – HIIT Boxing? This will really give your fitness a boost. For a proper test, why not do both?

5.  To wrap everything up, or even as it’s own session later in the week, why not try BOXINGYOGA? It’s the worlds first yoga-based training method designed especially for boxers. Don’t be fooled though, it isn’t just ‘power stretching’. BoxingYoga is NOT easy, but with regular practice the physical and mental rewards are incredible!

This program is for you if:

  1. You have done some boxing training before and want to build your fitness with boxing (experience not essential)

  2. You want to be able to train at home with little or no equipment

  3. You want to be able to practice your skills and boost your fitness

  4. You want to have an awesome collection of boxing fitness training you can revisit over and over again

  5. You want the amazing value boxing fitness on Udemy with access to more than 12 hours of fitness videos!

Are you a complete beginner to boxing?

Even if you are a complete beginner to boxing you can still enjoy and benefit from this Ultimate Home Boxing Fitness Program.

But, if you want to learn the basics, including stance, punches, defence and more, check out Matt Garcia’s ‘Boxing Basics Course for Beginners’.

If you have already purchased Matt’s ‘Complete Boxing Fitness & Skills Course’ then you don’t need this program. You already have everything you need!

Incredible Value

The Ultimate Home Boxing Fitness Program includes 50+ videos and over 12 hours of amazing boxing fitness training, from one of the world’s leading boxing instructors. And, what’s more, you have LIFETIME ACCESS so you can you can revisit the skills tutorials and training videos as often as you need, over and over again.

Let’s go Champ!

If you want to get in the best shape of your life with boxing training, what are you waiting for? As Matt likes to say, ‘boxing is a journey’, so let’s get yours started right now… let’s go, Champ!

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Instructor NameMatt Garcia

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