The Playbook for Change – Personal Success

Embracing Uncertainty, Cultivating Your Unique Identity, and Achieving Profound Personal Success


Discover the science-backed protocol that’s helping athletes, Fortune 500 executives, and 100s of people gain confidence in their decision-making process, have hope for the future and achieve their life goals

In the last 3 years -grappling with the challenges of Covid, navigating the shift to remote work or hybrid setups, and facing the ripple effects of geopolitical unrest – it’s been tougher than ever to get ahead in your career, make new connections, and maintain your self-identity.

There’s good news: We have a Sport and Performance Psychology practitioner and a Paralympian and she has discovered and refined a science-backed mindset protocol that will teach you practical methods to navigate change more successfully embrace uncertainty, and enhance your life.

This course is for you if:

  • You don’t know if the traditional life you were told to live is for you anymore

  • You graduated college during the pandemic and have been trying to adapt to this “new normal.”

  • You are dealing with the ambiguity of trying to figure out what’s the next thing you want out of life

  • You have recently moved or have been affected by layoffs, and you are trying to create new routines

Learn powerful strategies like Psychological Flexibility, Self-Regulation, and Emotional Endurance.

We’ll cover:

  • A breathwork technique that has proven to keep you grounded no matter what

  • A scientific back method to identify key values in your life to ensure that your boundaries don’t get crossed

  • Lacey’s proven goal-setting method has gotten her to the Olympics and broken several records


  • “Previously, I was unknowingly falling into common traps. Now, with a clearer understanding of productivity and efficiency strategies, I’m more aware of potential pitfalls. This course has taught me to manage my time better, avoid distractions, and take quality breaks. With these new insights, I’m confident I can improve both my output and the quality of my work. I’m excited to apply everything I’ve learned.” DAVID.J

  • “From my experience, this course is excellent. It has helped me enhance my professional performance and personal life. It’s truly an outstanding course! ” ADAM.L

  • “Personal success is not a by-product of luck, but rather a result of mastering specific tools and knowledge to achieve one’s goals.” ALEX.C

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