The Iron Duck Options Spread

High Probability Trading Strategy


You may have traded the Iron Condor…or the Iron Butterfly…but have you ever traded an Iron Duck?

Learn to trade the Iron Duck Options Spread for consistent profits!

This is a very high probability options trading strategy that is easy to manage and NO ADJUSTMENTS necessary.

The strategy can be traded in a small account (with as little as a few hundred dollars) with the ability to scale up size for those with 7 figure accounts.

The Iron Duck gives you the ability to completely eliminate risk to one side of the trade, while giving you a HUGE “risk buffer” to the other side.

This strategy can be traded in an IRA or Margin account, and your risk is DEFINED, so you know your max risk at the time you enter the trade.

In this course, we also present back-tested results to show you how different setups would have performed over specific periods of time.

Profits are important…but MANAGING RISK is more important! We show you exactly how to manage risk to provide the optimal strategy performance over time.

We have been trading this strategy for over 5 years…every week…every month…every year!
It’s one of our top strategies for creating consistent profits!

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