The Growth Formula: Building and Optimizing Your Business

How to go from zero to a million in one year.


So, you have a great idea for a business.

Now what?

You need a website and business strategy.

Where do you start?

You need to get your business name and brand out there.

But how and where?

Avoid the many pitfalls that most new business owners face when trying to get their great business ideas off the ground with The Growth Formula; a proven recipe for success for any and all business areas.

Successful lawyer and entrepreneur, Daniel Murphy offers his perfected formula for business success and shares his past business failures and how to avoid them. Maximize your profits, while minimizing unnecessary expenses without the setbacks of trial and error.

After completion of this course, it is expected students will learn how to find and select reputable industry specialists, including developers, SEO coding specialists, marketing experts, social media consultants, and more importantly, how to identify those to steer clear of. How to utilize the most cutting edge technology to build and promote their brand, content creation and the importance of consistency in your marketing approach.

Building your business has never been easier and more cost effective. Having a concise business approach is key to a smooth start, profitable and consistent growth.

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Number of lectures5
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Instructor NameDaniel Murphy

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