Important fundamentals of Traditional Tai Chi

Learn important basics of Tai Chi


My Shifu which is another name for Master in China always said to me; to learn your basics and then it will be easy to learn any form you want to learn. This goes for anything we choose to learn, fundamentally it is all about basics. Not only that we have to return time and time again to review the basics every time we reach a new level. In this course, I provide you with all the videos you need to follow and master the basics of Tai Chi.  I also include Tai Chi theory and how all the movements are based on the Yinyang theory and the idea of empty and full stances. I spent many years training in a traditional martial arts academy in China and every day morning and night we practice the basics.


I can highly recommend the traditional basics course with Leia. I found the Traditional Basics level gives a fully comprehensive introduction to traditional Tai Chi, with plenty of videos to work through, and theory to support your learning.  I’ve noticed a great improvement in my lower body strength, balance and confidence. I loved following Leia in the videos, it’s been a challenge to learn, but one I’ve really enjoyed and I’m so happy I did.  Leia has really changed my life for the better and I would highly recommend trying this course to anyone. After 5 months, the  Traditional Basics level has given me the inspiration to sign up for her website membership and learn a more advanced form. Thank you, Leia.  (Janet Chrystian)

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