Technical Analysis Crash Course In Trading

The Ultimate Technical Analysis Course Covering A Plethora Of Trading Setups, Indicators & Strategies


This course will take you step by step covering everything you require in order to become efficient and professional in your technical analysis when trading any financial instrument whether it be stocks, forex, cryptos, etfs and so on.

The course teaches you more than 20 indicators and how to use them and which indicators to combine to give you a great overall trading strategy.  Indicators taught include RSI, MACD, Stochastic, Divergence, Supertrend, Support & Resistance, Autotrendlines, Linear Regression, Logarithmic Trend, MAs & EMAs, Golden Crossover, Fibonacci, MA Crossover, Bollinger Bands, Channel Indicators, Supply Demand, Bitcoin Indicators and more.

It covers both shorter timeframe indicators for scalping and day trading, as well as higher time frame setups and strategies for swing trading.

It teaches you how to time your entries and exits, so that you enter into an instrument timely, and exit partials along the way and close your position timely in profit in the end, or a controlled loss should a trade go against you in the end.

It teaches risk reward management, timing, correct entry without chasing, and taking on high probability win rate trades with high reward potential and low risk.

The course includes effective profitable strategies which you can use for scalping, or swinging, so you can decide which you prefer or a mixture of both.

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Instructor NameMagic Yin Wealth

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