Team Leader Fundamentals Professional Certificate

Team Leadership, Inter-team communication skills, meeting management, risk & change management, conflict resolution


Team Leader Fundamentals for New and Developing Team Leaders provides a wealth of strategies, tips and tools for both newly promoted team leaders and experienced team managers looking to develop their skills and techniques.

Six in-depth modules cover fundamental team leadership knowledge and tactics for Inter-team communication skills, effective engagement management, risk & change management, conflict resolution and time management in the context of developing high-performing teams.

For team leaders new to the role or new to their team, this course enables them to hit the ground running, cultivating respect and empathy between team members and the team leader. It enables managers to identify areas for improvement, as well as tools for tracking progress and adjusting to the various personalities and challenges within the team. Completion of this course is also an excellent indicator of the team leader’s commitment to Continuous Professional Development, helping them to achieve the recognition they deserve within their employing company.

Do you have members within your team who perform better than others, when you prefer to see consistency across the board?

Do you have unruly team members who can’t (or won’t listen), or dominate conversations with their peers?

Are you new to the team, or certain members are going through their settling-in phase?

Are you under pressure to perform for managers above you and simply doing your best under really tough circumstances?

Don’t worry, the course will be a massive help, assisting you in personally de-stressing, as well as planning effectively and optimising the future of your department through your newfound powerful, energised, highly able team – lead by you.

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