Calculus 1- Teach Yourself Differentiation

Calculus 1 Course: A Self-Paced High-Quality Study Guide for Differentiation – Complete preparation with Tasks & Quizzes


Are you struggling to understand the topic Differentiation?

If you facing difficulty in solving Calculus questions and feel that you need to strengthen your basics in Differentiation, then this course is for you.

This course can make you perfect in writing the derivative of any given function.

It is a self-study course designed to get the students mastery over differentiation. It will teach you all the rules of differentiation step by step in small video lectures and give you command over differentiation in a few hours.

Note that this course only teaches how to find derivatives of a given function and not the Application of Derivatives.

There are separate lectures in each section on Trig functions and one can leave these lectures if not required in their curriculum.

This course covers

          -Power Rule

          -Product Rule

          -Quotient Rule

          -Chain Rule

          -Differentiation of Trig Functions & inverse Trig Function and Hyperbolic Trig Functions

          -Derivatives of Exponential Functions

          -Derivatives of Logarithmic Functions

          -Implicit Differentiation

          -Logarithmic Differentiation

          -Differentiation of Parametric Functions

          -Higher-Order Derivatives

Why study Differentiation?

Differentiation is the essence of Calculus which is a gateway to nearly all fields of higher Mathematics. The essential idea behind Differentiation is to see how a small change in one variable will change a related variable. You cannot do Engineering, Modern Science, Biology, Economics, Business Mathematics, Statistics, etc. without having command over Topic Differentiation. This course is going to help you build a sufficiently firm grounding in the basics of the Differentiation topics at your own time and space and enable you to pursue your learning or career goals.

With this course you’ll also get:

– Full lifetime access to the course

– Complete support for any question, clarification or difficulty you might face on the topic

– Udemy Certificate of Completion available for download

– 30-day money-back guarantee

Feel free to contact me with any questions or clarifications you might have.

I look forward to seeing you in the course! 🙂

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Number of lectures54
Number of quizzes30
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Instructor NameRuchi Chhabra

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