Tai Chi 5 Minutes a Day Beginners Course

Learn to move in the ways of Tai Chi


Have you tried Tai Chi and said it was too hard for you? That is because your body has never moved that way. In this course, you start to learn simple Tai Chi movements. My students tell me that the videos are easy to follow.

Once you master these simple movements that are derived and based on Tai Chi principles your body will know how to move and you will be ready to learn more advanced Tai Chi.

This course is based on my hugely successful Youtube Tai Chi 5 minutes a day which contains five modules. Here I am adding theory files on important Tai Chi principles. Understanding these principles will help you deepen your understanding of the practice.

I recommend that you practice one video per week every day. You can also rotate the videos and practice them in any order you like. Do your favorite ones more often practice more than once a day if that suits you. Even if the practice is short the regularity of practicing every day is what makes the difference.

Once you are finished this course you can continue to practice these videos or progress on learning the important fundamentals of Tai Chi.  If you aren’t sure then contact me through the Taiflow website for the continuation of videos like these or to sign up for more advanced Tai Chi courses.

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Instructor NameLeia Cohen

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