Strategic Communication for Startups

Get practical overview how to create and execute communication strategy for your startup


If you are a startup founder and have a need to build visibility, trust, and credibility for your startup, this course is for you. I am sharing practical information and knowledge from my experience.

The content covers the basics of PR and communications:

– what strategic communication means for startups;

– how to write a communication strategy;

– how to set goals for PR and communications and measure them;

With my 11+ experience in PR and communications, often decision-makers don’t have the proper information and understanding of how businesses benefit from cohesive and effective strategic communication. Very often, founders have unrealistic expectations. The challenge is to understand the resources that are needed for implementing an effective communication strategy. 

In this course, I try to show how communications work in a startup environment and will try to answer following questions:

  • why do business and communication lines have different target audiences?

  • what communication channels are the most effective for startups and why?

  • how to create a winning communication team

  • what are the measurement tools startups’ communications team should use?

I am eager to support founders’ teams in learning more about the importance of strategic communication and having relevant expectations.

I believe that with a proper foundation in strategic communication and taking small but important steps, your startup will be worldwide famous and will have credibility and trust.

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