Stock Market Beginner to Pro Course

This course will give you Basic to Advanced level of knowledge about the Stock Market.


Hey Guys,

Welcome to Stock market Beginner to pro course.

This course contains the subject about Investment, Technical analysis (10 Top most important Strategies), Swing Trading or positional Trading, Option selling, Option Buying, Key points to succeed in the Stock market and Assessment.

I have explained what exact skills and strategies required to make money from the stock market. This course can change your view about stock market. I strongly believe you will like this course.

I calling this course as a pulse of the stock market because this course contains such type of strategies where it will capture uptrend market, Downtrend market and range bond market so based on that you can decide what to trade, where to trade, when to trade.

Knowledge is the most power full weapon in the stock market than the capital. If you enter to stock market without knowledge for sure there may be chances to loose your entire money, so you should know how to control your emotions and how to manage greediness. You should have very strong knowledge about technical analysis. 

This course contains very simple strategies where you can easily remember and take your own decisions.

Along with strategies this course contains how to identify support and resistance based on that you can take decision whether you have to take buy call or sell call.

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