Master Course: Social worker, Caregiving & Caregiver Support

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Master course in social worker, caregiving and caregiver support

Helping people feel better, fighting for social justice, and improving communities is what social workers do. When people think of poverty alleviation and child welfare, they think of social workers. Those types of things are done by many social workers, but we do a lot more.

We focus on both the person and the environment in social work, which makes us different from other professions. We deal with the things outside a person’s control that affect their situation. In addition, we help clients and communities cope effectively with their reality and change that reality when necessary through assessment and intervention. Clients are helped by social workers not just with how they feel, but also with what they can do.

There are countless ways to be a caregiver. They help elders, sick people, and disabled people. Small and big tasks they help with every day. Over time, they can become exhausted and stressed if the caregiving responsibilities get too intense.

There’s nothing complicated about the word. In the word itself is the meaning. A caregiver is someone who gives care. Someone who supports, helps, or aids someone who needs it. When someone can’t take care of themselves, they care for their loved ones, friends, family, or others. It’s a diverse group of caregivers – they provide care in a bunch of different situations. Taking a step back, let’s ask ourselves, “what is a caregiver? We can support caregivers in our lives once we know who they are.

In this master course, I would like to teach 5 major topics,

1. Introduction and importance of social worker, caregiving and caregiver support

2. Caregiving and home health care business plan and benefits

3. Caregiver for special needs child and elderly

4. How to become a social worker? qualities and functions of a good caregiver.

5. how to start a caregiver and home health care business

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