Social Media Video Masterclass: After Effects & Premiere Pro

Learn to make scroll stopping Social Media Videos that businesses actually want!


Making Social Media Video Ads that convert doesn’t have to be complicated, in fact – the best converting video ads I’ve made are really simple! 

The truth is – you don’t need tonnes of flashy effects to make great videos!

You need CONTEXT, and that’s what I’m going to teach you in this course.

I’ve been making social media video ads full time for three years, and in the first year or two I did the same as you might be doing… 

I watched all the tutorials, bought all the courses and learnt how to make advanced flashy effects… but my videos still didn’t look great.

I realised that it’s not so much HOW we make the video – but understanding WHY we are making the video.

In this course we start with essential theory that you will not be taught anywhere else. I’ll teach you exactly how my mind works when I get a new client…

  • I’ll show you how to break down the elements required in the video and make best use of the clients assets, every time.

  • I’ll get your started on writing your own, short converting scripts.

  • I’ll give you real world projects and assets, so you can challenge yourself and put your new found knowledge to the test.

  • Finally – I’ll include a library of short tutorials, teaching you how to create various cool and converting elements that I actually use in my videos.

    By the end of this course, you will be armed with the knowledge and the tools to start creating better videos, leaving you to get creative and make things your own.

You can even use your productions in your own portfolio.

I look forward to seeing you inside.

– Ryan

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