S/4 HANA Stock Room Management and ECC SAP WM Support Course

Roles of Support Consultant and sample Tickets


In this course, one can learn about the below topics

  • The roles and responsibilities of a Support Consultant. Day to Day Activities of the Support Consultant and Support Lead is explained

  • And also explained about Service Level Agreements and different priorities like Very High, High, Medium, and Low.

  • Explained the level of tickets like L1, L2, and L3 based on the criticality

  • Few samples are provided for the tickets

  • Difference between the Criticality and the Priority of the tickets

  • Explained the difference between Core Team Members and the End Users

  • Different Support Tool names are given

  • Handling the tickets based on SLA

  • Planning the daily activities during Support Projects

  • Value addition to the Role

  • Different Tools in the Market are listed

  • SAP Warehouse Management Hyper care sample issues with solutions

  • SAP Warehouse Management Support Issues with solutions

  • SAP Warehouse Management Configuration changes related sample tickets

  • SAP Warehouse Management Program change related sample tickets

  • SAP S/4 HANA Stock Room Management vs SAP Warehouse Management. This helps to understand the future of SAP WM in S/4 HANA. Entire knowledge in SAP WM will be helpful on S/4 HANA also.

  • SAP Quizzes helps to revise the knowledge which was gained from the course

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Instructor NameGanesh Padala

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