(Oxford) Diploma : Creating an Art Therapy workshop

How to design, structure and deliver a workshop (or workshops) in Art Therapy


This course is very practical. You will learn how to design, set goals, structure and deliver a workshop in Art Therapy. Included in the course are:

a. examples of workshops currently advertised in 2023 – 2024

b. detailed art therapy exercises that can be given as homework in the workshops. These are given at the end of each section/group of lectures.

c. Ice breakers (and class activities) that can be used in a workshop

d. How to use ‘old masters’ to deliver art therapy ideas in a workshop. These ‘old masters’ will be known to those studying art, appreciating art – but never considered for use in art therapy!

e. Input from an international artist (and co-Instructor) on her own paintings and how she has approached various art therapy exercises. This includes short videos as well as responses and comments on existing paintings.

As with all Art Therapy courses, the emphasis here is on participation. You will be given a variety of exercises – try them out! see if you think they would work in YOUR workshop! see if the tips and strategies, ideas and examples can be applied to a workshop you intend to run. post in the Q/A asking questions, swopping ideas, looking at examples.

Set procedure:

a. Workshop design

b. Workshop goals

c. Workshop structure

Above all – enjoy the course!

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