Research Methodology Course A-Z Understanding and Learning

Research Methodology, Case report, Review survey, Meta-Analysis, Literature Review, Research Proposal, Research paper


After Completion of this course, students are expected to be well aware about the research process, writing a research paper, differentiating between qualitative and quantitative types of research, and are expected to be able to write research proposals and case reports. Furthermore they will develop the following skill-sets:

1. Proficient enough to write a research paper

2. Generate Research Topics/Problem statements

3. Understand and formulate research problems

4. Ethics of research and plagiarism issues

5. Research Paper Efficiency and Formulation

6. Design a research study, including defining research questions, hypotheses, and objectives.

7. Master various data collection methods such as surveys, interviews, experiments, and observational studies.

8. Develop skills in creating and utilizing data collection instruments (e.g., questionnaires, interview guides.

9.  Use software tools for data analysis, such as SPSS, R, or NVivo.

10. Analyze research findings to draw valid conclusions and make informed decisions.

11. Enhance abilities in presenting research findings through oral presentations and posters.

12. Collaborate effectively with peers and mentors in research projects.

After completion of  this course students are well educated about the processes shared above. This course is designed in a manner that it fulfills everyone’s requirements , regardless of the fact about their previous experience and field of study.

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