Relaxation for the Active Mind

Using Mindfulness and Arts Practices, Learn Easy and Practical Ways to Refocus, Reconnect and Relax Everyday


What is This Course?

  • This is not sitting on a pillow for 30 minutes.

  • More than meditation, these are life skills that are practical and can be done anywhere.

  • This course will stimulate your creativity through arts practices, which also stimulates the area of the brain for executive decision making.

  • Bonus videos are available for a deeper relaxation practice.

Why Take This Course?

  • Stress is now linked to inflammation and inflammation is the leading cause of all diseases.

  • 75 to 90 percent of all doctor office visits are for stress-related problems.

What We Know Can Decrease Stress

  • Meditation can reduce the risk of being hospitalized for coronary disease by 87%.

  • Meditation, mindfulness and arts practices are associated with better sleep, reduced stress and reduced anxiety.

  • Even if you think you aren’t “good” at the arts, it’s been shown to reduce stress, improve brain activity, and decrease depression.

Who Is Danielle DeCosmo?

  1. She is certified in neurologic music therapy and mindfulness based stress reduction.

  2. She is also a certified birth doula and registered yoga teacher.

  3. Danielle is a touring recording artist, a mom, and spouse.

  4. She has been working at the bedside in nationally recognized hospitals for over 15 years.

Become a calmer, more creative version of yourself today!

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