Recycling of Plastics

Recycling, Environment, Sustainability, Plastics, Reuse


Explore the intricate world of plastics recycling in our comprehensive course designed to equip participants with the knowledge and skills needed to tackle the global challenge of plastic waste management. Delve into the fundamentals of polymer science, understanding the diverse types of plastics and their properties, as well as the principles of recycling technologies and processes. From collection and sorting methods to mechanical and chemical recycling techniques, participants will gain insight into sustainable practices aimed at minimizing environmental impact. Through case studies , learners will analyze real-world scenarios, identify challenges, and develop innovative solutions to foster a circular economy mindset. Join us on a journey towards a greener future, where plastics become a valuable resource rather than a burden on the planet.

The course has the following nine modules

1. Introduction to Plastic Recycling – plastic problem in our society, global plastic pollution trends, market drivers for plastic recycling, Technology Trends in Plastics Recycling

2. Why is it Important to Recycle Plastics? – Conservation of Resources, Prevention of Pollution, Development of a New Product for environmental sustainability

3. Plastic Recycling Processes

4. Plastic Recycling Technologies

5. Recycling Challenges and Solutions

6. Practical Applications and Case Studies

7. Future of Plastic Recycling

8. Alternatives to single use plastics as tools for combating plastic waste

9. Sustainable Practices and Case Studies

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