React JS with Firebase Authentication – React Level2

Learn How to Use Firebase Authentication in a React App


  1. you will learn how to apply dark mode and light mode in your future react project.

  2. you will learn how to add Authentication using Firebase Authentication.

  3. create an account and sign in and Sign-up Pages.

  4. add forgot password feature.

  5. how to solve common problems and how to google it to find the best solution.

  6. create 404 page.

  7. How to deploy react firebase project on the internet for free.

  8. Create React App using Vite.

  9. React js  useState Hook شرح

  10. React js  useReducer Hook  شرح

  11. React js  useState Hook شرح

  12. How to manage state globally in your future react project.

  13. CSS مراجعة

  14. JavaScript مراجعة

  15. Create React dark mode with LocalStorage

  16. Firebase setup شرح

  17. Install Firebase and enable the sign-in method to add Authentication.

  18. React js useNavigate Hook شرح

  19. Show an error message if incorrect password or email

  20. React js  useEffectHook شرح

  21. Send verification email after creating an account

  22. you will learn how to  Delete your  account using  React js framework.

  23. how to add Loading animations for React projects.

  24. you will need some knowledge about HTML CSS JavaScript

  25. أهم نصيحة يُمكننى ان اعطيها لك هى ان تقوم بعمل المشاريع الموجودة فى  هذا  الكورس بعد مشاهدة الفيديو  مباشرة  حتى تتعود على كتابة الأكواد وعمل المشاريع الحقيقية

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