Radiant Motherhood – Guide to balance Career and Motherhood

Holistic Guide to Thrive in Life and Career


Welcome to “Radiant Motherhood” – your go-to course for moms navigating the balancing act of life and career. This course brings together expertise from various fields like management, engineering, life coaching, yoga, and even Fortune 500 experience to give you a well-rounded approach to motherhood.

Throughout the course, we’ll cover important topics like managing your life holistically, handling your time effectively, reducing stress quickly, and squeezing in some yoga even with a busy schedule. We’ll also discuss how to blend your career with being a parent and how to stay strong and positive through spiritual practices.

You won’t be left to figure things out alone – we’ll create personalised plans tailored to your goals and dreams. And don’t worry about time – this crash course is designed to be quick and efficient, taking up just about 1.45 hours of your busy schedule.

Each lesson is simple and straightforward, giving you practical tips you can start using right away. By the end of “Radiant Motherhood,” you’ll feel more confident and empowered in your role as a mom, equipped with tools to tackle whatever life throws your way in personal and professional life.  Join us on this journey to embrace motherhood with grace and resilience!

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Instructor NameSmita Verma

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