Python Programming – For Every Beginners

Part-1: Core Python Programming Basics


This course is aimed at offering the fundamental concepts of core Python programming language to the all levels of learners. 

You will learn through videos, visual organizers and practice exercises. For a great hands-on learning experience, this course is packed with assignments, assessment tests, code challenges, quizzes, and exercises.

This course is divided into two parts:

Part-1: Core Python Programming Basics

Part-2: Core Python Programming Advanced Concepts

Part-1: Core Python Programming Basics–  starts with the basics of Python programming concepts like introduction, history & versions, features, uses, applications of python, data types, operators and control flow statements.

Part-2: Core Python Programming Advanced Concepts – starts with strings; Python Data Structures-lists, sets, tuples and dictionaries; functions; object oriented programming concepts; exceptions, files; and modules.

The objective of this course is to enable the learners to develop the applications using the concepts of Python.

Upon completion of the course, the learners will be able to achieve the following outcomes:

Part-1: Core Python Programming Basics:


1. Understand the basic concepts in Python programming.

2. Learn how to write, debug and execute Python program.

3. Develop algorithmic solutions to simple computational problems.

4. Develop simple Python programs for solving problems.

5. Apply the conditional execution of the program.

Part-2: Core Python Programming Advanced Concepts:


1. Create, run and manipulate Python Programs using core data structures like Lists, tuples and Dictionaries.

2. Demonstrate proficiency in handling Strings and File Systems.

3. Design solutions for real time problems using object oriented concepts in Python.

4. Implement database and GUI applications.

5. Use and apply the different libraries available in python.

5. Use various applications using python.

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