Python Certification Exam PCAP-31-03 Practice Exams

Professional Practice Tests | 2022 Monthly Updated version | Master PCAP in first attempt


Get certified for Python!

The practice tests match exactly the PCAP Exam Syllabus and Exam requirements (as of 2022) so you know exactly what to expect on the day of the exam !

Just like the PCAP exam, each Practice test has:

– Number of questions : 40

– Duration : 65 minutes

– Passing score : 70 %

– Format : Single-choice and multiple-choice questions

In addition, after you have taken the practice test, all questions have a review with an explanation for all answers as well as some Python code that you can run to improve your understanding of the questions & answers.

The level of difficulty of the practice tests is the same as the actual PCAP-31-03.

All the questions have been created specifically for this course.

Four practice tests follow exactly the PCAP-31-03 exam syllabus :

  • Block #1: Modules and Packages (12%) (6 questions)

  • Block #2: Exceptions (14%) (5 questions)

  • Block #3: Strings (18%) (8 questions)

  • Block #4: Object-Oriented Programming (34%) (12 questions)

  • Block #5: Miscellaneous (List Comprehensions, Lambdas, Closures, and I/O Operations) (22%) (9 questions)

The 5th practice test is a little bit different from the other four as it covers questions on topics not explicitly listed in the PCAP exam syllabus : Basic Concepts, Data Types, Evaluations, and Basic I/O Operations, Control Flow, Data Collections and Functions. Those are foundational topics and the PCAP exam will very likely have questions based on those foundational topics. To be successful with the PCAP-31-03 exam, you need to master those foundational concepts and this practice test will help you review and master them.

At the end of each practice test, you will get an overall score, as well as a score for each knowledge area which will help you identify which Python topic you need to review.

Why get certified ?

There is a growing need for Python programmers and it is now more important than ever to gain recognition for your programming expertise and be able to prove your skills. Certification opens doors to a better job and a better salary ! It is a great motivator for self-improvement and self-development. It is one of the key requirements set by an increasing number of IT managers and, frequently, a standard criterion for candidates among recruiters.

Why Python ?

According to PYPL (PopularitY of Programming Language Indexes), Python is, by far, the most popular programming language (as of December 2021).

Python is extensively used in a wide variety of applications:

  • Web and Internet development (e.g., Django and Pyramid frameworks, Flask and Bottle micro-frameworks)

  • Scientific and numeric computing (e.g., SciPy – a collection of packages for the purposes of mathematics, science, and engineering; Ipython – an interactive shell that features editing and recording of work sessions)

  • Education (it’s a brilliant language for teaching programming!)

  • Desktop GUIs (e.g., wxWidgets, Kivy, Qt)

  • Software Development (build control, management, and testing – Scons, Buildbot, Apache Gump, Roundup, Trac)

  • Business applications (ERP and e-commerce systems – Odoo, Tryton)

  • Games (e.g., Battlefield series, Sid Meier’s Civilization IV…)

  • Websites and services (e.g., Dropbox, UBER, Pinterest, BuzzFeed…)

Now, get prepared for the Exam !

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