The Secret to Consistent Profiting in FOREX Trading- Finding the Missing Link for Most Traders


Proper analysis and market insight are the backbone of Forex Trading and these are the first things you will learn from this course.

Making profits consistently is the vision of every trader and all we pointed you at and taught here is to that end. That is why you need to take this course.

This course is extremely practical and simple to understand– every form of ambiguity when it comes to trading profitably was done away with.

The passion that birthed the production of this course is the mass record of failure from many traders especially in recent times. We want traders to learn here that making profit in this industry is not just possible but that they can do it also.

Irrespective of your level in Forex trading, you will surely understand and benefit from this course in a great way. We exhausted the missing link between trading and making profits here.

We went from pointing out how important Fundamental Analysis is to how the Market Makers tend to manipulate the market with these data released periodically.

You will also learn how to make the best use of your funds through Money and Risk Management. The secret to controlling some powerful human emotions mainly responsible for the failure of many traders was well taught too.

Without doubts, by the end of this course, you sure will be able to say boldly that you are achieving the main reason you came into Forex Trading in the first place- MAKING PROFIT.

You will be tutored by Israel Omotade, the Founder of Kabod Trading Academy and one with about 15 years of experience in this industry as well as numerous success stories.

When registering to this course, you have:

  • Lifetime Access to the course

  • Access to all new/additional lectures (the course are always up to date!)

  • Access to our Q&A section consistently

Hop in without hesitation! Can’t wait to see you in class.

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