Proficient Automation Tester by Leveraging Docker with CI&CD

Create and implement a complete E2E project using Selenium, Java, report, logs, POM, Docker, GitHub Actions, Jenkins etc


Software testers and Automation. testers need to upgrade their skills prominently as jobs are getting more demanding. This course is designed as per the industry standard and requirements for the job market.

This course will help you to learn and master trending skills such as Parallel testing using Selenium Grid and implementing it using Docker and Docker compose with GitHub actions and Jenkins with E2E CI/CD pipelines.

Primary Skills gained by enrolling into this course:

Each Video contains step-by-step explanations for lots of concepts which are industry standard. He has more then 8+ years of experience with Automation Testing and creating CI/CD Pipelines.

Topics Covered in course:-

1) Selenium WebDriver


3) Page Object Model

4) Parallel Execution setup with TestNG and Maven

5) Custom Maven Setup

6) Custom Maven Command setup and execution

7) Custom Reporting and Logging Mechanism

8) Docker Setup with Standalone browser and execution

9) Docker Setup with Selenium Grid and execution

10) GitHub setup and GitHub Actions using Automation

11) Setup GitHub Actions for Quick Executions inside Remote Machine

12) Jenkins Docker Setup

13) Jenkins Job Setup and Scheduling

14) Code Refactoring and Debugging Skills Explained

15) And Lots more..

Pre-Requisite for Course:

1) Basic understanding of Selenium and Java

2) We will jump into Advance Concepts Quickly

Total Students107
Original Price($)1999
Sale PriceFree
Number of lectures33
Number of quizzes1
Total Reviews4
Global Rating4.25
Instructor NameJapneet Sachdeva

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