Professional Scrum Master I (PSM I) Practice Test Exam 2024

Professional Scrum Master I PSM I – PSM1 | 06 Latest Updated Practice Questions | Mock Exam 2024


What is the PSM I Certification?

The PSM I certification, offered by Scrum Org, validates your foundational understanding of the Scrum framework and its application within Scrum Teams. It demonstrates your grasp of Scrum terminology, core values, and how to effectively guide teams through the Scrum process.

Who Should Pursue This Certification?

This certification is highly beneficial for:

  • Scrum Masters: Individuals currently working as Scrum Masters or aspiring to transition into this role will gain a deeper understanding of Scrum principles and best practices to effectively coach and guide their teams.

  • Product Owners and Developers: For individuals who are already part of Scrum Teams as Product Owners or Developers, the PSM I certification can enhance their Scrum knowledge and equip them to collaborate more effectively within the Scrum framework.

  • Project Managers and Software Developers: Project managers and software developers seeking a competitive edge in the job market can significantly benefit from the PSM I certification by demonstrating their expertise in Agile project management.

Learning Objectives

By preparing for the PSM I exam, you’ll solidify your understanding of:

  • The core principles of Scrum, including empiricism and its values.

  • The composition and roles within a Scrum Team.

  • Scrum events like Sprint Planning, Daily Scrum, Sprint Review, and Retrospective.

  • Scrum artifacts such as the Product Backlog, Sprint Backlog, and Increment.

  • The concept of “Done” and its significance in Scrum.

  • How to foster self-managing teams and facilitate effective communication.

  • Agile approaches to product backlog management and stakeholder engagement.

Exam Format and Passing Score

The PSM I exam is a 60-minute, online assessment with 80 multiple-choice questions. You’ll need to achieve a score of at least 85% to pass.

Why Choose My Practice Questions (2024 Update):

Now, let’s discuss three compelling reasons why you should utilize my practice questions specifically tailored for the latest information in 2024:

  1. Aligned with the Latest Scrum Guide: My practice questions are meticulously crafted to reflect the most recent iteration of the Scrum Guide, ensuring you encounter the most up-to-date Scrum concepts and terminology.

  2. Realistic Exam Simulation: The practice questions closely mimic the format and difficulty level of the actual PSM I exam, providing an invaluable opportunity to test your knowledge and build exam confidence.

  3. Comprehensive Coverage: My question bank extensively covers all the core PSM I learning objectives, ensuring you’re well-prepared for any topic that might appear on the exam.

By incorporating these practice questions into your PSM I preparation journey, you’ll be well-equipped to not only grasp the fundamentals of Scrum but also excel on the certification exam.

Remember, the PSM I certification is a valuable stepping stone towards a successful career in Agile project management. Let’s embark on this learning path together and ensure you’re fully prepared for this industry-recognized credential.

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