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In this comprehensive course, you will master the art of rapid app development using Bootstrap Design software, JavaScript, and Kodular, a powerful drag-and-drop editor for creating mobile applications. Through a series of structured lessons, hands-on exercises, and practical projects, you will learn how to design user-friendly and responsive user interfaces, export designs to HTML, CSS, JS, and Bootstrap assets, implement functionality using JavaScript, utilize Google Sheets API as a database, publish websites via GitHub private repositories and Netlify, create mobile app structures with Kodular, convert websites to web apps using the WebView component, and finally, export your mobile apps as APK or AAB files and publish them on the Google Play Store.

Course Detail:

1. Introduction to Rapid App Development:

   – Overview of the course objectives and learning outcomes.

   – Introduction to Bootstrap Design software and its significance in creating responsive UI/UX.

   – Overview of JavaScript and its role in adding dynamic behavior to web applications.

   – Introduction to Kodular as a drag-and-drop editor for mobile app development.

2. Designing Responsive UI/UX with Bootstrap:

   – Understanding the principles of responsive design.

   – Hands-on exercises to create user-friendly layouts using Bootstrap Design software.

   – Techniques for designing visually appealing interfaces that adapt to different screen sizes and devices.

3. Exporting Designs and Implementing Functionality:

   – Exporting designs to HTML, CSS, JS, and Bootstrap assets for web development.

   – Implementing functionality using JavaScript to add interactive features and enhance user experience.

   – Exploring Google Sheets API and integrating it into your projects as a simple database solution.

4. Website Deployment and Mobile App Development:

   – Publishing websites using GitHub private repositories and deploying them via Netlify for easy sharing and collaboration.

   – Introduction to Kodular’s drag-and-drop interface for creating mobile app structures without coding.

   – Converting websites into mobile web apps using the WebView component in Kodular.

5. Publishing Mobile Apps on Google Play Store:

   – Export your mobile apps as APK or AAB files from Kodular.

   – Step-by-step guide to publishing your apps on the Google Play Store.

   – Best practices for optimizing app listings and reaching a wider audience.

6. Conclusion and Next Steps:

   – Recap of key learnings and achievements throughout the course.

   – Guidance on further resources and advanced topics for continued learning in app development.

   – Encouragement to apply the acquired skills to real-world projects and explore the limitless possibilities of app development.

By the end of this course, you will have the knowledge and skills to rapidly design, develop, and deploy web and mobile applications using Bootstrap, JavaScript, and Kodular, empowering you to bring your app ideas to life in just 15 minutes.

Total Students36
Original Price($)1999
Sale PriceFree
Number of lectures7
Number of quizzes2
Total Reviews1
Global Rating5
Instructor NameMd Mazidul Haque Farabi

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