PSPO II – Product Owner Level II Certification Mock Exams

PSPO II – PSPO 2 – Professional Scrum Product Owner II ( PSPO2 ) Mock Tests – Questions and Answers 2024.


PSPO II Certification Practice Exam Package: These unofficial practice tests are prepared by Techagilist and based on the latest version of the Scrum Guide & EBM Guide.

PSPO II -Product Owner Level II Certification Mock Exams by Techagilist – Beginner to Intermediate level. (Part-1)

PSPO II -Product Owner Level II Certification Practice Exams by Techagilist – Intermediate to Advanced level. (Part-2)

*** If you have substantial knowledge and experience as a Product Owner, you may opt to purchase only Part 2 ***

Key Features & Benefits of PSPO II Practice Exam Simulator

  • 200 questions: 5 mock tests of 40 questions (Beginner – Intermediate Level) in English.

  • Appropriate explanations: Explanation is provided for both why an option(s) is correct and the remaining option(s) are incorrect. Additional resources and sample questions can be found on our website.

  • Reference Guides: You can download two reference guides – “Scrum Master – Product Owner Study Material” & “Advance Product Owner Quick Reference Guide” from the announcement section of this course.


  • In the Real exam, ~50-60% of the questions are situational-based (mostly from EBM & Scaling Scrum) and ~50-40% are with beginner to intermediate level from Scrum Guide.

  • Most of the questions in these practice sets are situational-based because this will make you understand the concept that can be applied in the actual exam.

  • These practice tests are Beginner to Intermediate level and supplement our other course PSPO II -Product Owner Level II Certification Practice Exams which is for Intermediate to advanced levels.

These practice exams are divided based on the below-mentioned focus areas.

  • Understanding and Applying the Scrum Framework:

    • Empiricism, Scrum Values, Scrum Team, Events, Artifacts, Scaling.

  • Managing Products with Agility:

    • Forecasting & Release Planning, Product Vision, Product Value, Product Backlog Management, Business Strategy, Stakeholders & Customers.

  • Evolving the Agile Organization:

    • Organizational Design & Culture, Portfolio Planning, Evidence-Based Management

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Legal Disclaimer:
These UNOFFICIAL practice tests are not endorsed by, nor in partnership, nor affiliated with Scrum . org.

The statements made and opinions expressed herein belong exclusively to the creator of this course and are not shared by or represent the viewpoint of Scrum . org. This training does not constitute an endorsement of any product, service or point of view. Scrum . org makes no representations, warranties or assurances of any kind, express or implied, as to the completeness, accuracy, reliability, suitability, availability or currency of the content contained in this presentation or any material related to this presentation. In no event shall Scrum . org, its agents, officers, employees, licensees or affiliates be liable for any damages whatsoever (including, without limitation, damages for loss of profits, business information, loss of information) arising out of the information or statements contained in the training. Any reliance you place on such content is strictly at your own risk.


The terms Scrum Open, Professional Scrum, Professional Scrum Master, Professional Scrum Product Owner, PSM, PSM I, PSM II, PSPO, PSPO I, PSPO II, PSD, SPS, etc. are the protected brands of Scrum Organization.

The practice tests use wording from the Scrum Guide, Nexus Guide, and Evidence-Based Management Guide to explain important concepts, ideas, rules, and practices.

No changes have been made to the content of the Scrum Guide, Nexus Guide, and Evidence-Based Management Guide

License: Attribution Share-Alike license of Creative Commons

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