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Fuel your career with our “MBA in Product Management” course. From mastering product basics to strategic planning, agile methodologies, analytics, and tech insights, this program is your fast track to becoming a standout product manager. Start your transformation now!

In the initial section, lay the groundwork by exploring the essence of a product, problem-solving approaches, and the crucial role of a Product Manager. Dive into the dynamics of the product team and gain insights into the essentials of building exceptional products.

  1. What is a Product?

  2. Let’s Solve a Problem

  3. Who is a Product Manager?

  4. Types of Product Managers

  5. Let’s Talk about the Product Team

  6. How Does One Build a Great Product?

  7. Let’s Solve a Product Problem for UBER

  8. The Product Team: Roles & Responsibilities

  9. Pick a Product

  10. Product Development Life Cycle

Assignment 1: Download and solve the workbook to apply your newfound knowledge.

Section 2: Crafting Product Vision & Strategy

Delve into the strategic aspects of product management, understanding the significance of a product charter, and building a robust product strategy. Uncover the step-by-step process of outlining problems, defining customers, and creating a differentiating product vision.

  1. Introduction to Strategy and Product Charter

  2. Product Vision Board

  3. STEP 1: Outline the Problem

  4. STEP 2: Define Your Customer

  5. STEP 3: Define Your Market Size

  6. STEP 4: Define Product Goal

  7. STEP 5: Product Differentiation

  8. STEP 6: Own Success Metrics

  9. STEP 7: Create a Feature Breakdown

  10. Summarizing Product Strategy

Section 3: Product Planning and Release Management

Navigate through the agile landscape, understand scrum methodologies, and master the art of product planning and release management using JIRA software. Learn the intricacies of backlog refinement, sprint planning, and crafting efficient user stories.

  1. Agile Manifesto and 12 Principles

  2. Agile and Waterfall Project Management Methodologies

  3. Scrum Events, Workflows, and Artifacts

  4. Introduction to Product Roadmap and Delivery

  5. Introduction to JIRA Software

  6. Crafting Backlog Items for Sprint in JIRA

  7. Roadmap in JIRA, Features, User Stories, and Tasks in JIRA

  8. Product Goals, Features, and User Stories

  9. Product Backlog Refinement

  10. Story Mapping

Assignment 2: Utilize the Sprint Planning Excel Template to hone your planning skills.

Section 4: Leveraging Product Analytics for Decision-Making

Equip yourself with the skills to make data-driven decisions by exploring various product analytics tools. Learn to measure product value, understand user behavior, and dissect key metrics that drive product success.

  1. Introduction to User Behavior Tracking

  2. Marketing Analytics Vs Product Analytics

  3. Introduction to Product Analytics in Mixpanel

  4. How to Measure Product Value

  5. Types of Users and User Cohorts

  6. Value Moment and Value Exchange

  7. Product Metrics and User Journey

  8. North Star Metric

  9. Introduction to Google Analytics

  10. Understand Mixpanel Insight, Funnels, and User Cohorts in Mixpanel

Section 5: Microsoft Excel for Product Managers

Excel in using Microsoft Excel! Discover the power of pivot tables, vlookup, and various charts to analyze and present product-related data effectively.

  1. Introduction to Microsoft Excel

  2. How to Use Pivot Table in Excel

  3. Vlookup in Excel

  4. Types of Charts

Section 6: Technology for Product Managers

Demystify the technological aspects of product management. Gain insights into internet workings, DNS, ISP, client-server models, webpage components, and web app development with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.

  1. How Does Your Internet Work?

  2. What is DNS and Who are ISPs?

  3. Client-Server Model

  4. Internet Protocols

  5. Introduction to Webpage

  6. HTML, CSS, and JS on a Webpage

  7. Introduction to Figma

  8. Weather App UI in Figma

  9. CSS Box Model

  10. Building Weather App with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript

  11. Explain API Like I Am 5

  12. Real-World Example of APIs

  13. Everything About APIs and Postman

Assignment 3: Apply your knowledge by building a web app independently.

Embark on this educational journey and transform into a proficient product manager. Start your learning adventure today!

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