Break into Product Management: Insider’s Blueprint to PM

Unlock product management secrets, secure high-paying product management jobs, and master product management skills


Embarking on a journey to secure a coveted position in Product Management demands more than just passion—it requires a strategic approach, meticulous preparation, and the ability to stand out in a competitive field. In this course, I offer insights gleaned from my personal journey securing three distinct job offers in product management. Each step, each decision, is drawn from real-life experiences, providing you with a practical yet personal roadmap.

We begin with a welcoming introduction, setting the stage for what lies ahead. From there, we delve into the essentials of breaking into product management, blending insights from my path with practical tips for setting yourself apart. We discuss targeted learning, identifying the right opportunities, and the nuances of crafting standout applications.

The core of the course revolves around dissecting three pivotal job offers I received, from initial research phases to final negotiations. Gain insights into navigating job requirements, conducting comprehensive company and industry research, and tailoring your application to demonstrate unique value. Each section builds upon the last, offering a comprehensive view of the PM job market.

A significant focus is placed on creating a compelling PM portfolio. Through practical examples, such as developing a product management blog, pitching hardware ideas, and crafting an online CV, learn to effectively communicate your value proposition.

Concluding with a course outro, I summarize key takeaways and offer guidance on next steps, ensuring you’re prepared to advance confidently in your career. This course is a personal narrative, sharing successes and lessons learned while maintaining a professional tone that respects your career aspirations.

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