Process Design: Certification

A step by step breakdown of how you should approach designing a brand new process, to be delivered successfully day one.


Processes are the lifeblood of any organization. They are want transport good, services, materials, information data, people etc. through the business to where they need to be. This is why being able to design processes that are strong, capable and reliable from the second they go LIVE is critically important. Badly or poorly designed processes can cause  alot of problems for your organization. 

In this course, we are going to walk through the stages you need to complete to define, scope and design a brand new process. The course has been designed to give you the confidence to begin designing as soon as the course has completed. We will cover off the following:

– Process requirements. What are they and how to we gather them, assess them and solution for them?

– Process design. How should we approach the designing of a new process, how do we build this out graphically, what steps need to be taken to ensure the new process delivers against the process requirements?

– Process controls. What control measures should we build into our processes to make them safer, more secure and more stable? How do you know which ones are right for your new process?

– Fundamentals of process design. We will also cover off the fundamentals of what process design is, what a process is and why the approach set out is the right one.

The course is split between the theory and the practical, with both being delivered seamlessly through out real life scenario, and all of the templates and demonstrations we have included in this course.

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