Problem Solving: Generating Alternatives

Course 3 of the Decision-making and Problem-solving for Business Program


The Problem Solving: Generating Alternatives course  is the third course of the Decision-making and Problem-solving for Business series and focuses on the following topics:

Getting into the flow

Say, as a farmer, you’re having troubles optimizing your crop yield. If you don’t have an effective solution-generating mind-set, your entire operation will likely get plowed under.

Being rational

To tackle your yield problem, you’ll need to put rational problem-solving techniques to use. You’ll have to think about your alternatives in a realistic, down-to-earth way.

Being creative

At the same time, some farming problems require creative thinking. For example, bugs and pests don’t give up easily. Have you ever thought about the world from a critter’s point of view? That’s what creative agricultural scientists do all the time.

Breaking out of ruts

Lastly, thin harvests translate into acres and acres of stress. Unless you take measures to reduce that frustration, you may wind up losing the problem-solving farm.

You’re about to discover how to imagine and manifest far-reaching solutions to your business problems. There’s nothing ephemeral about the ideas contained here. To the contrary, the techniques you’ll explore are deeply rooted in tangible reality–and in results.

In this course, you’ll learn how to effectively generate alternative solutions by: getting into the flow, taking rational approaches, using creative approaches, and getting out of problem-solving ruts.

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