Motion Design. Premium Logo Animation in Adobe After Effects

Create five different types of Logo Animations while exploring the best software for Motion Graphics-Adobe After Effects


Get ready to take your creative career to the next level with logo animation! Hi, I’m Valeri, I’m a professional Motion Designer, and instructor in the best software for motion graphics, Adobe After Effects. After sharing some valuable content on social media for years and dropping three successful courses, I’m super excited to introduce my biggest course yet!

In this course, you will create five different types of premium logo animations, and learn Motion Graphics in the most fun and efficient way possible, all while exploring Adobe After Effects. You are going to learn the steps you have to take before animating a logo, how to get your logo ready for animation, add new graphics to it, make it work with your videos and pics, and so much more!

You’ll start with easy animations and then move on to more challenging ones. And after each lesson, you will get a fun task to practice what you’ve learned. So, by the end of this course, you’ll have the confidence to create different types of logo animations. Don’t worry if you’re a newbie or just starting with After Effects. I’ll explain all the important functions and concepts of After Effects in a simple way ever. And if you want to go in-depth and learn more, I have a free beginner’s guide where you can find detailed explanations about the most important topics in After Effects.

On top of all, to give you the best learning experience, you’ll get a clear notification on when to work with me and when to listen without touching the computer. You’ll also get mid-lesson questions to help you memorize the lessons better, and I’ll even tell you when to take a 10-minute break. And the cherry on top is that this course is voiced by a professional voice-over in super simple English, so even if English is not your native language, like mine, you’ll easily understand the lessons! So, get ready for a fun, engaging, and rich learning experience with logo animation!

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Instructor NameValeri Visuals

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