Practical Tools for Stress and Depression

200 ways to reduce stress and depression (short and long term)


This course is made up of three main sections as follows:

Part 1:

  • Depression defined

  • Types of depression

  • Stress and causes

  • How stress and depression are linked

  • Strategies to reduce long-term depression

Part 2:

  • 100 tips on reducing stress (comes with a manual)

Part 3

  • 100 tips on reducing depression (comes with a manual)

If stress is reduced then this is likely to have a positive effect on reducing depression – and vice versa. The course includes 200+ things to try over two ten-day periods as well as suggestions for strategies to reduce LONG-TERM depression.

This is very much a course of :

a. giving you the tools with which to reduce stress/depression

b. asking for feedback and discussion

c. sharing more tools

d. monitoring progress

Some of the tips were trial-run on several thousand students and the conclusion was that rather than emphasise certain tips, to provide a manual for people to choose – and an encouragement to try, try and try them out. The Q/A is a valuable forum form discussion of ‘what works at this particular time’ for Person X – and to add suggestions from Person Y.

With the long-term strategies clear suggestions are made but, by the very nature of being long-term, results will not be immediate.

There is also a section on the news, using events recorded in mid-December 2023. So this is a highly interactive course with many many ideas and is right up to date!

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