Master Course in Positive Psychology & Social Psychology 2.0

Positive Psychology, Social Psychology, Positive thinking, Happiness, Social Imapct, Social Skills, Human psychology


Master course in positive psychology and social psychology 2.0

Positive psychology

There’s a new kind of psychology called positive psychology. The idea is to emphasize the good things in someone’s life. Among them are character strengths, optimistic emotions, and constructive institutions. Happiness is believed to be a result of both emotional and mental factors. Positive psychology helps you figure out what’s making you happy right now. Looking back on happy moments isn’t enough to appreciate them.

The practice of positive psychotherapy applies the principles of positive psychology to a therapeutic setting. Basically, it breaks happiness down into three manageable components:

Emotions of positivity

Getting involved


Social psychology – According to Robert

Social psychology studies how other people affect our thoughts, feelings, and behaviors. Studying this field is exciting because it’s so relevant to our day-to-day lives. There are five main areas of study in social psychology: attraction, attitudes, peace and conflict, social influence, and social cognition.

As well we will learn the concepts of Positive Psychology, Social Psychology, Positive thinking, Happiness, Social Imapct, Social Skills and Human psychology too.

The 5 major topics I’d like to cover in this masters course are:

1. Positive psychology and social psychology 2.0: Introduction and Importance

2. Positive psychology and social psychology concepts and pillars

3. The power of positive psychology to develop your positive vibrant

4. What is the relevance of social psychology in daily life and how can Positive Psychology make you happier?

5. What role does social psychology play in organizational behavior?

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