Pointers in C: Advanced C /C++ Pointers (Hands-on Guide)

Learn C and C++ Pointers and Memory Management | The Core Concepts of C Programming Pointer with Practical Tests


In the last decades, the technology has improved to the point, where many tasks rely on the performance of the devices or machines which serve the human. For a big group of applications, the execution speed is the priority, in this cases, main aspects get involved like security or robustness, thus in order to reduce the risk and guarantee faster responses C/C++ as programming language supports in many cases the software of those systems, in fact, one of the powerful tools of it is the use and handling of pointers, which provides mechanisms to optimize the performance of an application.

Examples in the automotive sector and robotics can give us a brief idea of why you need speed in those systems that interact directly with humans, where it requires responses in real-time. Also, there is a quite expanded use of pointers in game development, where it has to assure a real player’s actual experience of the game.

This course focuses on understanding the different functionalities of pointers with conceptual and practical examples, teaching you to perceive what happens internally in memory when we apply different functionalities of pointers. If you want more than a superficial look at handling pointers, this course is for you.


· Basic understanding of C Programming. (Variable types, Functions, Loops, output/input of strings, arrays, and lists)

· Object-oriented programming

TIPS (for getting through the course):

· Write down some definitions, if you need to.

· Write code yourself, don’t just sit there and look at my code.

· Try to explore each topic by yourself doing variations to the examples.

· Rely on web documentation of C/C++ for functions or details which are unclear for you, right after you’ve seen it, thus you avoid accumulating doubts.


· Try to follow the usual order of each section, since the level of the exercises increases progressively.

Who this course is for:

· Understand the different functionalities of pointers and memory management in C/C++ programming language.

· Students studying basic programming or object-oriented programming with basic knowledge of C/C++.

· Professionals who want to apply pointers to optimize some programs or applications of the certain systems.

· Entrepreneurs who want to apply pointers to optimize some programs or applications of the certain systems.

· Students in computer science who want to learn more about pointers and memory management.

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