PMP Mastery Series – Everything you need to know about PMP

PMP Mastery series


In this pmp mastery series, you will be learning most important topics of #PMP, risk, agile , scrum, team stakeholder and communication. This is a free course my purpose is that you understand it and master it and become PMP.When you preparing for PMP remember start with scrum. then stakeholder then communication and then team then risk. As i get time i will add more quesitons in it. for now watch this course 2-3 times.  Key Features: Risk Definition: Understand the nuanced definition of risk as the product of probability and impact, distinguishing between risks and issues.  Risk Management Plan: Learn about the critical components of a robust risk management plan, including organizational risk attitude, risk thresholds, and frequency of risk review meetings.  Risk Register Significance: Explore the importance of the risk register, a central document recording, categorizing, and ranking identified risks both qualitatively and quantitatively.  Proactive Response Strategies: Delve into proactive strategies such as exploit, avoid, and mitigate, and grasp the significance of active risk acceptance and contingency planning.  Passive Acceptance Awareness: Understand the consequences of passive risk acceptance, leading to entries in the issue log. Who Should Watch?  Project Managers: Professionals seeking in-depth insights into risk management to enhance project success. 

I am thanking for udemy to give this opportunity to put free course for those who want to learn

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