PLC Full Course from beginning to advanced

This Course is your way to deal with PLC using SIMATIC Manager ,TIA portal and WINCC flexible applications


Dear student,

This course is the complete guide to understanding PLC programmable logic controller using SIMATIC Manager, TIA portal and WINCC flexible applications .

This PLC course will qualify you to work in Oil and Gas, Petrochemical, Automation , electrical power plants, chemical plants companies.

It is for fresh graduated electrical engineer, fresh graduated communication engineer, instrumentation engineer. Instrumentation technical, process engineer, installation and commissioning engineer and sales engineer.

The course is designed to present the fundamentals of PLC. 

  • Identify the difference between Classic Control and  PLC

  • Identify PLC HARDWARE components

  • Learn How to make your PLC Project and TIA selection tool

  • Understand How to wire and address (DI) DIGITAL INPUT devices ” Switches”

  • Understand How to wire and address (DO) DIGITAL OUTPUT devices ” Relays”

  • Understand How to wire and address (AI) ANALOGUE INPUT devices ” Transmitters”

  • Understand How to wire and address (AO) ANALOGUE  OUTPUT devices ” Control valves”

  • Learn how to make a program using SIMATIC Manager

  • Learn How to make HARDWARE CONFIGURATION , Symbol table and  Simulation

  • Define Data Blocks OB (Organization block)  FB (function block)   FC (FUNCTION) DB (Data Block)

  • Learn How to program with  LAD (LADDER) , STL(statement list) , FBD(Function Block Diagram)

  • Learn how to program DOL direct on line and Star delta

  • Learn How to scale Analogue input ( AI ) FC105 and Analogue Output (AO) FC106

  • Learn how to  upload and download program

  • Learn how to deal with  “software and hardware” troubleshooting

  • Learn how to use WinCC flexible 2008 to make level control project HMI

  • Learn how to use TIA portal v15 to make program to S7-1200 PLC

  • Learn what is PID   ( Proportional–Integral–Derivative) controller and how to tune

  • Learn what is DCS Distributed Control System and how to deal with

So, with no further ado, check out the free preview videos and the curriculum and we look forward to see you in the first section.

Hope to see you there

Eng. Mohamed Fathy

wish you all the best

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