Playbook for Middle Managers

Confidence and purpose when leading, presenting, influencing and providing feedback.


Your organisation has placed you in charge of implementing its strategic plans. As a Middle Manager, you are responsible for running the business.

This will require you to lead confidently and with purpose.  The result will be an increase in your staff’s productivity and efficiency.

This course aims to overcome this challenge by introducing proven, easy-to-use concepts and tools for Middle Managers.

Master Critical Leadership Skills Using Simple, Proven Methods

  • Give structured feedback

  • Influence others

  • Present with confidence

  • Manage time and resources effectively

Manage with Confidence and Purpose

There are many benefits to developing the tools in your leadership toolbox. You can significantly increase your value to businesses, especially as the modern world operates in a global economy.

But mastering these skills can be time consuming and difficult.

Playbook for Middle Managers, created by Eddie Rakanui, makes this process simple and easy to action.

Contents and Overview

This course contains over 60 videos and over 5 and a half hours of content. It is packed with downloadable resources and activities you can do individually or with your teams.

In this course you will learn the essential characteristics of high performing middle managers. I have designed the course so you can refine those skills at your own pace.

By the end of this course, you’ll have valuable skills that you can use immediately – regardless of your experience.

You’ll know how to develop your staff in ways that meet your needs, understand the science of influencing people, and utilise your time and energy more efficiently.

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