Piano/Keyboard Lessons For Beginners/Complete Starters

Beginners Guide To Playing a Keyboard/Piano


Welcome to the Piano Lessons – A Guide for beginners. Learn the piano / keyboard from scratch by practicing exercises, scales, chords, and much more. Even if you have never played the piano before, you will gain a lot of valuable information and knowledge from this course. The following are the topics that you will learn in this course:-

– Exercises

– Major Scales

– Major & Minor Chords

– Chord Combinations / Progressions

– Beginner Tunes (with chords)

This course is for all those who are new to the instrument. All those who wanted to learn it the easy way, can start learning from this course. Learn the basics of keyboard/Piano by understanding practical notes, exercises, tunes. The only requirement for a student is a working electronic keyboard, or a Piano, and a will to learn. This course will also help you get started with playing with both hands. Learn how to use chords and play alongside the melody.

Follow all the lessons, practice for 20 minutes a day to be able to play what you have learnt. Follow the lessons everyday for a month or two, or till the time you feel confident to play.

Practice all the lessons using the metronome as the final step to your practice. Slowly, you can  track your progress if you use the metronome in your daily practice!

Get started with basics with this super easy course with all lessons explained in detail. This will be a stepping stone to learning full fledged songs with both hands.

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