Piano Foundation Course Level 1 – Getting Started On Piano

Level 1 Piano Foundation Lessons For Beginners. Master Piano Notes And Keys. Beginner Finger Exercises And Ear Training


Here Is the complete Course Curriculum

Piano Fundamentals

  • Introduction

  • What Is A Piano

  • Differences Between Piano, Organ & Keyboard

  • The Keys of The Piano

  • Note Names

  • How To Quickly Find Notes

  • Piano/Keyboard Terminologies

  • Intervals & Distances

  • The Tonic Solfa

  • Scales: Major, Minor, Relative Minor

  • Introduction to Number System

  • Full Summary

  • Notes Names Practice

  • Notes Identification Practice – Tones

  • Notes Identification Practice – Semitones

  • Major Scale Practice + Other Keys Major Scale Practice

Finger Exercises For Beginners

  • Foundational Finger Exercises

  • Advanced Finger Exercises

  • Chordal Finger Exercises

  • Counter Motion Finger Exercises

  • Finger Exercises In All Keys

Ear Training For Beginner Piano Students

  • Tonic Solfeggio Ear Training

  • Notes Identification Practice And Exercises

  • Interesting Ways To Practice The Major Scale

  • Chord Identification Ear Training

  • Identifying Basic Chords By Ear

  • Identifying Chord Progressions

    • Identifying 1-4-5, 1-6-2-5-1 Chord Progressions

If you want to learn how to play the Piano by ear, then this is the course you need.

This course is made up of 3 chapters and has been specially designed to give you a very SOLID Piano foundation if you want to learn how to play the Piano by ear.

This course focusses on ear training approach to help you to really learn how to play the Piano without the need to read notes and learn so much theory.

This course focusses on the ONLY theory that you need to learn the Piano by ear.

Chapter One – Piano Fundamentals

This chapter focuses on helping you to know your keyboard or Piano by heart. You will learn note names, major scale, learn how to quickly find / identify Piano notes and much more.

Chapter Two – Finger Exercises

The next level after knowing your keyboard or Piano is to start training your fingers to be able to effectively play notes and chords. This chapter has various exercises and more than enough practice exercises and examples to help train your fingers, make them strong and give you speed, dexterity, accuracy and stability on the Piano.

Chapter Three – Ear Training

If you want to learn how to play the Piano by ear, then it is important to have well trained ears. At the heart of ear training, you have the tonic solfeggio system which needs to be learned and mastered. This chapter will help you to master the tonic solfeggio system and help you to have well-trained ears.

This chapter comes with a lot of practice exercises and examples to help you get well-trained ears.

This chapter will help you to master the tonic solfege without even touching your keyboard.

It will also help you understand chords and basic chord progressions without having to play anything on the Piano

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