Oxford Diploma in Counselling

A serious Counselling course to develop counselling skills you never knew existed!


Study In Confidence with Chris Sivewright : Bestselling Instructor with over 780,000 Udemy students (over 232,000 students buying additional courses) in 200 countries!

Fully Accredited (Oxford Diploma) Professional Counselling Diploma Course

This course includes lectures on:

  • Essential counselling skills

  • Essential counselling techniques

  • Applying these skills and techniques in the workplace

  • Applying these skills in your own life

  • Resilience and stress management

  • Ethical decision-making

  • ALGEE and its application

  • Case studies incorporating the above. this is significant as it allows you to apply your learning.

Ask yourself a question:

When learning about counselling one can watch videos, read manuals, work through workbooks but the REAL learning is in the DOING. As this is not a live face-to-face course the nearest we can get to application is through Case Studies and discussion points in lectures that are then examined in the Q/A. There are students from 200 countries on my courses – just think how many in-dept discussions there can be in the Q/A if the Instructor encourages this!

That is why there are Case Studies especially written for this course.

This is a course about counselling, communicating, discussing, learning and applying.

Is this more work for the student?

Yes – applying what you have learnt is more work – but it cements what you have learnt in lectures.

Is this more work for the Instructor?

Of course!  Questions posed, solutions, suggestions, discussions – these are all encouraged. I am an teacher/Instructor/lecturer by nature and I know that real learning (which is what teaching is -the art of causing learning) is through interactive discussion. Not quizzes. Not ‘copy and paste’ questions. Not reading manuals.

But through application.

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