OKR Goal Setting A-Z: How To Set, Track & Achieve Goals 2024

Learn to develop your own holistic OKR approach and enable Objectives and Key Results in your organisation.


Welcome to OKR Goal Setting A-Z. In this course, you’ll learn how to achieve goals with OKRs in a fun and engaging format.

What you’ll get from this course

1. Why OKRs work so well for most companies in today’s competitive and fast-changing business climate.

2.  I’ll show you how to write effective Objectives, Key Results, and Initiatives – a skill you can use to help you realize both personal and professional goals.

3. It’s good to aim high. But how high? We’ll examine how to balance your moonshots and roof shot OKRs.

4. I’ll also provide a proven approach for introducing OKRs to your workplace. We’ll start with figuring out the approach right for your company, and then look at critical activities including creating a rollout plan, appointing an OKR champion, and defining out your OKR cycle.

5. I’ll cover how to run effective check-ins. And how to score OKRs at the end of the cycle.

6. Finally, I’ll show you how to manage OKRs using the free version of Trello.

Why Learn about OKRs?

While OKRs began in the tech sector, it’s becoming widely adopted across industries. That’s because most companies operate in a fast-changing environment and OKRs enable companies to be both flexible, and focused as they pursue their big goals.

What if I have questions?

I offer full support, answering any questions you have 7 days a week (whereas many instructors answer just once per week, or not at all). This means you’ll never find yourself stuck on one lesson for days on end. With my hand-holding guidance, you’ll progress smoothly through this course without any major roadblocks.

Ready to get started? Enroll now using the “Add to Cart” button on the right, and get started on your way to becoming an OKR pro. Or, take this course for a free spin using the preview feature, so you know you’re 100% certain this course is for you. See you on the inside.

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