Network Security: Linux Iptables Firewall vs Attacks.

Have a space adventure. Dive deep into network security, learn how network attacks work and how to prevent them.


Learning doesn’t have to be boring !

And even the most difficult technical issues can be presented in an interesting way.

Let’s move to outer space, and with the heroes of our story, let’s learn the secrets of the Iptables Firewall, learn to configure the VirtualBox virtual environment for network testing purposes, get knowledge about networks and protocols from scratch so that we can properly manage our firewall.

Let’s subject our firewall to a series of network attacks, scans, analyzes using the Nmap, nping, hping3, Wireshark, Dsniff and other tools. Let’s configure a firewall to prevent them.

Together, we will discover the secrets of the attack on one of the AGRO planets and prevent a catastrophe.

. . .  Our main goal is to learn the Iptables Firewall, but in-depth knowledge of the subject requires knowledge of Networks, Network Devices, types of Network Attacks, and problems related to the functioning of the network. This knowledge was also included in the course.

This course contains a number of solutions that make it easier for you to learn.

Starting with presenting solutions to problems that you meet on your way during system configuration, through problems related to Nmap and Wireshark running on the same machine.

Ending with the presentation of iptables commands.

The commands in this course are additionally presented on the COMMAND BAR in a very large magnification so that you will never miss an error while reading them and copying them to your system.

The course also includes many useful tips on the blue boards that appear throughout the course.

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