Multifamily Development Finance and Asset Management

Every big empire starts with a dream.


This is a methodical, systematic introductory course to the commercial real estate development process and asset management taught by a New York City-based finance professional. Though designed for beginners, the course is possessed of a plethora of substantive content so as to demystify the complexities and intricacies of financing and developing commercial real estate. In this course, you will learn how to seek and secure financing, structure business deals, and compound your wealth as you grow a real estate portfolio. Herein you will also learn about financial modeling for turnkey, moderate rehab properties as well as new construction. Hone your asset management strategies and contemplate scaling growth while keeping overhead lean. You will learn to utilize prudent management of leverage so as to beneficially multiply your wealth. Through careful planning, debt becomes beneficial to growing your income generating properties rather than an onerous burden. In season, your debts will lighten, and your wealth will compound. Learn to contemplate macroeconomic and environmental factors when planning your real estate deals.

Cultivate expertise to develop affordable housing apartment blocs, multiply your wealth, and fulfill your dreams. As German economist Friedrich List said “The power of creating wealth is worth more than wealth itself.” By studying my course, you can take a journey forward as you start your wealth-generating real estate empire.

Total Students1325
Original Price($)2899
Sale PriceFree
Number of lectures69
Number of quizzes3
Total Reviews66
Global Rating4.85
Instructor NameKeon K Garraway

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