Money Laundering Risks in the Crypto Sector & Web3 Metaverse

Web3 Metaverse economy / Blockchain transactions / Cryptocurrency / European guidelines for company risk assessment


I made this course because, irrelevant of the fact that you are a crypto enthusiast of not, it looks like the majority of people already agreed to a Web3 metaverse future, therefore studying and adapting became a necessity, not an option.

In this course:

– I define notions related to the Web3 economy such as, “metaverse”, “smart contract”, “DeFI” and many more;

– I define the blockchain technology and provide a detailed picture of how blockchain transactions work;

– I define cryptocurrency and crypto tokens and provide a lot of practical examples;

– I provide a whole picture of the Web3 financial crime;

– I provide an analysis of the money laundering risks for the crypto sector and the Web3 metaverse.

Last, but not least, I added some written resources in which I go into more detail on the aspects presented in the videos. Make sure to check them, because I am much better at writing therefore you may find them useful. Also, I included a written, editable template for performing a crypto company risk assessment, which is in line with the European Banking Authority’s Guidelines for the crypto sector, issued in January this year. These guidelines will enter into force in December 2024, as part of a bigger package concerning AML and digital assets, and if you want to pursue a career in this field you should study them because they transpose the Financial Action Task Force guidelines and they seem to be trend setters in this sector.

I hope you will find the information in this course helpful.



Find below my qualifications relevant for this field:

Certificate:  AML Foundations for Cryptoasset and Blockchain – issued by ACAMS, February 2024

Course: AML risk assessment – ​​ methodology – issued by the Romanian Banking Institute, April 2023

Course: KYC, AML/CFT and anti-fraud: strategy and planning – issued by the Romanian Banking Institute, October 2021

Graduation of  The National Institute for professional training and improvement of lawyers of Romania – 2018

Member of the Romanian Bucharest Bar – 2016

Master’s degree in Business law – Law School, University of Bucharest, 2015 – 2016

Bachelor’s degree in law – Law School, University of Bucharest, 2011 – 2015

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