Mission Planner Simulation Basics

Plan A Simulated Mission And Navigate The ArduPilot Mission Planner Software with style.


This course is designed to help anybody who is looking to grow their knowledge of Mission Planner software or of B-VLOS flight missions. The basics are covered which will translate into most other Mission Planner systems, but the intricacies and the troubleshooting techniques are, to my knowledge, very specific to ArduPilot Mission Planner, which is freely available online.

To everybody who is currently in training for the software, this is a must-have resource! It will teach you what can’t be taught in class due to the lack of time experienced during a B-VLOS course time period. Furthermore, it will help you officially put an end to those pesky simulation bugs and issues which may be hindering your progress forward.

And to anybody who is just interested in the software or in how drones can be used autonomously, this is a great starting point to see whether this type of industry is something you truly would benefit from or enjoy. If you decide to go ahead with further training, you may need to contact a relevant CAA-approved ATO (training organisation) to get started with your license.

Finally, if anybody is unaware of what a DRE might test during a B-VLOS Mission Planner skills test, this is also a great resource to have as it is DRE-inclined and will help calm your nerves of what to expect before going in to the test.

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